Gold- Vip package ($6000 year) 
(A total of 96 sessions to be used)

  • You can use the sessions as gifts
  • No additional cost for body massage 
  • Priority Use of vip rooms
  • Complimentary Drinks from the drink menu
$62.50/ Session ( savings of $15.50/ session)
No additional cost for body massage
Membership cannot be transferrable
$500 a month can be charged monthly for a years term.

Silver- Vip Package ( $650/ 10 sessions) 

No additional cost for body massage 
Savings of $13/ session
10 sessions transferrable to friends and family 

Vip room bookings 

Experience our Spa lounge for up to 10 guests! 
Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in pure relaxation at our exclusive spa lounge.
Whether you have a birthday coming up, corporate event, or a family get together. We have you covered at Yuen Foot Massage & Spa. You can book out the Vip Lounge at a cost of $1000 or $100 per person plus tax and that can fit up to 10 guests comfortably.
This allows for 1 session ( 50 mins)  for 8 Foot Massages and 2 body Massages plus an extra 30 minutes to wind down and relax with your group.
Benefits of booking Vip Lounge
- Exclusive to your group/ party
- You can play your own music from our sound system
- Luxuriously furnished seats with charging station
- Private TV with fireplace to watch sports or a movie
- Seperate area in the spa
- Private washroom 
- Soft low lighting relaxing atmosphere 

2 Person Vip Room

This room is a private room equipped with a big screen tv , fireplace , mood lighting , and 2 plush reflexology lounge chairs. Spend your time in privacy in a secluded room off to the side of the main reflexology area . This room is suitable for reflexology massages treatments.


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