Gold- Vip package ($6000 year) 
(A total of 96 sessions to be used)

  • You can use the sessions as gifts
  • No additional cost for body massage 
  • Priority Use of vip rooms
  • Complimentary Drinks from the drink menu
 2 Sessions Per Week 
$62.50/ Session ( savings of $15.50/ session)
No additional cost for body massage
Membership cannot be transferrable
$500 a month can be charged monthly for a years term.

Silver- Vip Package ( $650/ 10 sessions) 

No additional cost for body massage 
Savings of $13/ session
10 sessions transferrable to friends and family 

Vip room bookings 

Whether you have a birthday coming up, corporate event, or a family get together. We have you covered at Yuen Foot Massage & Spa. You can book out the Vip area at a minimum cost of $1000 and that can fit up to 8 guests comfortably.
This allows for 1 session for 6 Foot Massages and 2 body Massages plus an extra 30 minutes to wind down and relax with your group.
Benefits of booking Vip Area
- Exclusive to your group/ party
- You can play your own music from our sound system
- Luxuriously furnished seats with charging station
- Private TV with fireplace to watch sports or a movie
- Seperate area in the spa
- Can order food and drinks

2 Person Vip Room

This room is a private room equipped with a big screen tv , fireplace , mood lighting , and 2 plush reflexology lounge chairs. Spend your time in privacy in a secluded room off to the side of the main reflexology area . This room is suitable for reflexology massages treatments.


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